Hand held cellulite reduction machines

When it becomes apparent that completely eradicating cellulite may be a tough challenge, one may want to try any technique that will actually lessen the appearance of cellulite on the body. The availability of hand held cellulite machines has made things somewhat easier for those who simply want to hide the bumps and dimples that characterize cellulite.

These hand held cellulite machines are affordable when compared to the expensive invasive methods of fighting cellulite such as surgery and liposuction among others. There are different types of hand held cellulite machines such as the complex ones that should only be used by a licensed practitioner and simple ones that are safe enough to be used at home.

Suction and roller machines

Cellulite reduction machines

The suction and roller machine is a hand held cellulite reduction machine that has been approved by FDA to benefit those who like to lessen the appearance of cellulite. The machine, which has rollers and a weightless suction works just like someone who is doing a body massage. You need to be attended to in a specialty spa that is licensed in order to receive this treatment that is not at all invasive. You need to attend a number of sessions per week to receive this treatment that will not only flatten your cellulite but also enhances your circulation which will usually eradicate feelings of exhaustion and muscle tension.

Laser toning machine

This is another one of the hand held cellulite machine that is also approved by FDA that utilizes a laser beam and radio waves to enhance the body’s production of collagen, the connective tissue that strengthens the skin from inside. When the radio wave and laser beam hit the inside of the skin, it is stimulated to begin the production of collagen which in effect makes the skin tight enough to withstand pressure from cellulite. This machine works pretty well in situations where there are enough creases and especially the cellulite that appears like wrinkles.

The Vela smooth machine

This cellulite reduction machine uses a combination of radio waves, suction and infrared beams to defeat cellulite by messing up that fat tissue that is embedded under the skin. The radio waves will disturb the fat and the suction then takes over by straightening the fibers that exacerbate the appearance of the skin. The advantage of this method of cellulite treatment is that it also helps to enhance proper metabolism but you will need several sessions before you finally see pleasant results.

The hand held home pieces

Apart from the hand held cellulite machines used by therapists there are a few of them that you can actually use at home with safety. There are both manual and electric hand held machines that are used by rubbing on the skin and they benefit your skin by not only flattening the appearance of cellulite but also toning the skin and making it appear firmer. For better results there will be need to add an exercise program on top of everything you will be doing.

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